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Entity Name: Amaya
Class: Elusive
"The flash of rainbow brought me here."
Amaya is a strange entity living on earth. An angel, ball or energy, whatever... living on earth. It has been around for a while. Specific purpose is unknown, history unknown. Point of interest is specifically the journey in life being taken.(๛) Psychical aspects represented through various parts such as horns, wings, eyes, ect. It's form of expression.

It likes naps, games, makeup, dance, fashion, film, jrock, animanga, ect. Creates art, and loves to code. * Is a practicing vajrayana buddhist. Has hard time functioning in social settings and environment. Is weird. Experiences a wide arrange of emotions, It is in love.

** Site is a social project for Amaya, testing limits and imagination. Updates site, therapitic process. Also a way to track progress and moniter its free behaivor without intereuptions.