『 diary 』

november 31 2021

october 31 2021

this month was pretty chaotic. i got a new job, reorganized my social media, and im actually talking to some people again. i always have a hard time with that and expressing myself (in terms of body language and eye contact). im going to college soon so im saving up for an ipad and working on getting my lisence. i feel behind compared to my peers. but in some ways i am also ahead. its hard for me to focus on my own journey without comparing myself to others.

september 31 2021

i forgot to write. and i dont remember how i really felt this month. for sake of convience i'll just say it was average.

august 31 2021

things are a big hard right now, but im doing okay. i change the site name alot. but im going to keep this one. im reorganizing my social media accounts and waiting to create more art and music. ive been very bored. i also have to save up for a new laptop.

july 31 2021

i really enjoyed my birthday, getting my first few checks were also pretty good. i am moving on from this job though, definitely, yes. it is very depressing and im moving tf awn. i hate it there now. i also dont like alot of the people there, besides a few. but i was excited to enjoy talking to my partner on our 2nd month anniversary thing. lol.

june 30 2021

i got approved to do my litte summer job. im happy bc i barely get money and they pay me 14$ an hour (which ik isnt alot) but it is to me. i need money to save up for a new laptop and to buy clothes for next school year. im a senior now, which is crazy. it went by so fast, i wish i could have enjoyed it way more. but its whatever, i have to move on from that. im also still happy its almost over. i took my senior pictures recently so that was also fun.

『 rants/writing/poetry 』

coming soon....